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Since 1995:
A Tradition of Flavor and Quality



At Tacos Al Vapor El Canelo, our story is one of passion, tradition and love for Mexican food.


It all started in 1995, in the corner of Kern and Olympic, when our founder decided to bring the unique flavor of steamed tacos to East Los Angeles.

Opening the actual location in 2010.

Since his wife's father called his grandson "El Canelo" because he had cinnamon-colored hair, it inspired him to call this company

"El Canelo"


Inspired by family recipes and the desire to offer a healthy and delicious alternative to fast food, Jorge began selling his tacos in a small establishment in the heart of the clients.


His dedication and the unmistakable flavor of his tacos quickly won the hearts of the locals.


Innovation Maintaining Tradition

Always faithful to our roots, we have known how to innovate and adapt to new times. We incorporate the best meats from suppliers such as SWIFT and ABP, ensuring the highest quality in each taco we serve.

A Commitment to the Community

Tacos Al Vapor El Canelo is not just a taqueria, it is a family and an integral part of the community. We participate in local events, support local producers and merchants, and strive to be a place of meeting and joy for everyone.

Looking at the future

We remain committed to our mission of offering delicious and healthy steamed tacos. As we write new chapters in our history, we maintain the essence of what has made us unique: quality, flavor and a heart full of love for Mexican food.

Thank you for being part of our history

Every customer who visits Tacos Al Vapor El Canelo is part of this great adventure. Thank you for joining us on this journey and being part of our family. We look forward to sharing many more years of delicious steamed tacos together!

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Authentic flavor in every steamed taco!

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